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World Wildlife Conservation

World Wildlife Conservation is a website dedicated to wildlife conservation around the world. Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Safari Parks and other wildlife conservation projects and information.  A website about Wildlife Conservation around the world.

At "World Wildlife Conservation" we are adding a directory of Zoos and organisation working with Zoos and Wildlife Parks around the world so you can find the Zoos and wild animals you want to see and visit.

Wildife Conservation Projects Around the World

wildlife Conservation Projects around the world. Information, news and updates from and about wildlife conservation projects around the world.

We want to help you find information about Wildlife Conservation around the world and information about the Zoos so that you can support what they are doing for wild animals.

Finding Zoo Locations Around the World

The "Zoos Directory" will be introducing a central directory of Zoos around the world with information about the Zoos and the Zoo locations together with the wild animals you can see at those Zoos. We are working with Zoos interested in being featured since our lauch in Mid 2011.

Camping hiking holidays in the Lake DistrictZoos, Wildlife Parks and Sarari Parks great places for the kids to learn about the world we live in and to respect animals, learn about conservation and presservation of wild animals and endagered species.

In addition to our central directory of Zoos we are adding sections for some of the featured Zoos and Wildlife Parks.

Find Zoos in our central Zoos Directory or in our "Featured Zoos" section.

Zoos News

We are also adding a "Zoos News" section where Zoos and Wildlife Parks can publish news and updates about what's going on at their Zoo and information for potential visitors to the Zoo.

Zoo Jobs - Jobs Working With Animals

"Zoos Directory" is also introducing a section for Zoo Jobs where we will be featuring jobs from our Jobs Working With Animals central animal jobs site.


World wildlife Conservation Website

World Wildlife Conservation Website

Kids and adults love Zoos and Wildlife Parks.

Our aim at "Zoos Directory" is to build a massive directory of Zoos around the world.

Looking for a Zoo to visit? "Zoos Directory" is the place to come to find Zoos around the world...